SSuite Kronoz Sync-Master

Safely copy and synchronize files



SSuite Kronoz Sync-Master is an incredibly useful tool that lets you copy and sync files safely and efficiently. It lets you easily make changes in a single file or in a folder, respecting their content, just like what happens with Super Flexible File Synchronizer and Horodruin.

The software's simple interface, aside from being intuitive, makes learning how to use the program a breeze. This means you can use it perfectly in the minimum amount of time possible. In the upper part, you'll have to choose the first folder involved in the process, while in the bar below, you'll have to choose the second folder involved.

Using the buttons in the center, you can control the process, tapping the arrow necessary to copy the files from one folder to another, with the direction indicating where you want the files to go. The first button lets you synchronize the files in both folders, and as a result, both will have the same files.

SSuite Kronoz Sync-Master makes it easy to create backup copies thanks to the file synchronization feature, making sure that any new file is added correctly, maintaining the same organization as the in the original folder.